Man Who Gets Dog Back After 10 Years Missing Returns Dog To Family Who Cared For Her

Geno Cortinas saw how his missing dog acted with the family who cared for her and couldn't take her from them.

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Geno Cortinas and Mamas during their reunion. Via Danielle Parker/Facebook
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A Pit Bull dog who had gone missing more than 10 years ago in Southern California has been found thanks to a microchip and a persistent group of people who sleuthed around until they located the owner.

Linda Gluck-De La Cruz first found the dog in Chino, California, on the 4th of July. Her neighbors Jessica Brison and Karen Young took the dog to Chino Valley Missing Pets so the dog could be scanned for a microchip that was registered in 2005.

They were able to determine which veterinarian’s office inserted the microchip but, it being the 4th of July, the office was closed, so Gluck-De La Cruz kept the dog another day.

On July 5, Laura Leland Montague called the vets’ office and asked for records dating to 2005. The vets found a name and number, which turned out to be no good. So Leland Montague did the next best thing: She started “friend stalking” the name of record, Marcelo Cortinas. It turned out that a friend of Leland Montague, Flora Lopez-Alvarado, was a mutual friend of the Cortinas brothers. Lopez-Alvarado contacted Marcelo’s brother, Geno, and Leland Montague was able to call Cortinas:

Laura: “Did you lose a dog?”
Owner: “No”
Laura: “Are you sure?”
Owner: “Well, a long time ago”
Laura: “How long ago?”
Owner: “Like 10 years ago”
Laura: “I think we found your dog”
Owner: “OH MY GOD…

Leland Montague thought her job was done and Geno Cortinas had gotten Mamas back, until someone saw the reunion post on Facebook.

Monday, 10:43 p.m.
Brother: “Does the dog you reunited have a scar on her belly?”
Laura: “Yes. Do you know her?”
Brother: “Yes, I think it’s my sister’s dog.”
Laura: “ok – it’s rather late. I’ll call her in the a.m.”
Brother: “No, please call her now. They’re anxious to find their dog.”
Laura: “I’ll call her right now.”

It turns out the folks who have been caring for Mamas, which they named Chocolate, lost Chocolate during the 4th of July festivities. Sandra and Rick were approached by a man in 2005 who told them he had to find a home for two puppies. They adopted both, a male and female, but they had no idea that Chocolate/Mamas was microchipped. They cared for the dog for the last 12 years. She was licensed and spayed. But she had escaped the evening of July 3, scared from the noise of pre-4th of July festivities.

Posted by Chino Valley Missing Pets on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When Sandra’s brother-in-law heard about the reunion that Cortinas had with Chocolate/Mamas on Facebook, he contacted Leland Montague, who arranged a meeting with Geno.

Geno met Sandra and Rick and when he saw how Chocolate/Mamas reacted in seeing the couple, with her tail wagging, he knew that the dog belonged with them. She was well cared for and had indeed been in their care for more than a decade.

Chocolate/Mamas is a well loved Pit Bull and will spend the rest of her days with her family who cared for her all these years.

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