Man Finds Huge Anaconda In His House And Makes A Really Bad Decision

We aren’t sure what this man was thinking when he reached out to pet a big ol' anaconda, but dang, he's lucky he didn't get bit.

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This anaconda was not to happy being touched.
John Virata

The anaconda is one of the heaviest and largest snakes in the world (although not the longest), so you don’t really want to mess with it if one happens to find its way into your home.

And yet, in a YouTube video posted Monday by user Orly, a man approaches an anaconda — one that presumably does not live in the man’s house — and places his hand on the snake’s skin. And what does the snake do? It strikes, of course. What would you do if a strange hand was placed on your back?

When dealing with an anaconda, don't tempt fate. Via Orly/YouTube

When dealing with an anaconda, don’t tempt fate. Via Orly/YouTube

Now, it is unclear whether this snake was the man’s pet or a wild snake that made himself at home. But at any rate, the man in the video was very, very, lucky that he didn’t get bit, because the anaconda could have done a lot of damage to this guy’s hand and arm if it did get ahold of him — and who knows what could’ve happened had the guy fallen on that tile floor with an anaconda gripping his arm or hand. Things could’ve gotten ugly fairly quickly for this man.

Thankfully, though, the snake missed the man, and the man, well he just learned a lesson not to mess with large constricting snakes.

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