Man Visits 10 Kittens And They Immediately Cover Him Like A Blanket

When a kitten foster mom had her son over for a visit, the 10 kittens attacked him with cuddles.

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Looks like these kittens just adopted a human. Via Love2Foster/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

When you meet someone you like, the best thing to do is immediately climb all over them, right? Maybe not a good idea for humans, but these 10 kittens clearly don’t abide by human rules.

video shared on Instagram by Oregon-based pet foster Sheila, aka @love2foster, shows the moment her son Spencer stopped by for a visit and how quickly her 10 foster kittens fell in love with him.

The kittens crawl up onto his lap, into his arms, on his shoulders, and fall asleep (one stays awake to nuzzle his neck) as he sits on the couch, and it looks like a cozy blanket of kittens.

This is heaven, yes?

In a second video, most of the kittens are awake, yet still stomping all over Spencer while he plays on his phone. One of the kittens even paws at his face, which really just triples the cuteness.

If this isn’t the best and most effective way to promote pet adoption, we don’t know what is.

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