Man Uses Drone To Catch A Fish

A man caught a fish using his drone, but why?

Drone fishing. Screengrab via Youtube

In case you don’t know, or are unaware, hobby drones have been the rage for a few years now, and people are doing the craziest things with them. One teenagers fashioned a firearm to his drone and was able to successfully shoot it. Another drone enthusiast, Derek Klingenberg used his drone, a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter to catch a fish in a pond near his farm.

That is right, Klingenberg tied a piece of fishing line to his drone, attached a hook and a bobber to the line and dropped the line, using his drone, into the pond. What looks like a bluegill grabbed the bait on his hook and took off. Klingenberg then flew his drone higher to set the hook and brought the fish in.

He then did what we self absorbed folks do with our cell phone cameras do. He took a selfie with the fish. Hopefully Klingenberg practices catch and release.

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