Man Takes His Two Pet Opossums To A NASCAR Race

Maybe marsupials secretly love racing.

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Did he have to buy tickets for the possums? Via Michael McCollum/Twitter

If you’re planning to attend a NASCAR race, you should pack plenty of sunscreen, some ear protection and your two pet opossums. One fan in the stands at Talladega Superspeedway chose item three on that list, spending the afternoon with a pair of tiny marsupials.

Michael McCollum spotted this guy, whose name is simply Cambo, sitting in front of him during last weekend’s Geico 500 event at the Alabama racetrack. McCollum then noticed the two opossums that were climbing on Cambo’s neck and across the top of his baseball cap. Although that’s slightly weird (even at a NASCAR race), it doesn’t seem to phase Cambo. The Alabama native lived on his own in the woods for two years following his parents’ acrimonious divorce.

“If it wasn’t for the woods, I don’t know what I would’ve did a lot of the time,” Cambo said in a VICE profile.

Their my sweet babies. They sleep in my hair A photo posted by Rambo Cambo (@rebelcambo) on

While his mother worked four jobs, he said he “learned the woods,” teaching himself how to shoot, climb trees and catch wildlife. And, apparently, sometimes he takes that wildlife for a day at the track.

You do you, Cambo.

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