Man Swims With 16 Of His Golden Retrievers

Man and dogs have a great workout.

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A man swims with 16 Golden Retrievers. Via
John Virata

It is no secret that Golden Retrievers love to swim. It seems that no matter where and when, they will dive right in and paddle. A video uploaded to Rumble shows not one Golden Retriever swimming but 16 of the dogs diving right in after a man jumps into a pond and starts swimming to the other side.

Each of the dogs jump in after the man, with nearly all of them seemingly barking as they cross the pond. When they all get across the pond and onto some steps, the man jumps back into the pond and swims across. All the dogs eagerly get back into the pond and start swimming after the man.

The man reaches the other side and sits and waits for his dogs to cross. It is a nice workout for the 16 Golden Retrievers. And the man.

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