Man Sends Wife On Vacation, Installs 1,300 Gallon Aquarium

Englishman spent more than $US 100,000 on massive marine aquarium.

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Lakin’s aquarium cost a whopping 50,000 British Pounds, or about US$ 77,000. Photo courtesy Martin Lakin
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“Honey, can you take a little vacation while I redesign the house so I can install a little aquarium?” That is essentially what happened when Martin Lakin of Rochester, Kent England did when he sent his wife, Kay and their son on a two week vacation so he could install a massive 5,000 liter (1,300 gallons) aquarium in their three-bedroom home. It turned out the aquarium was so large that major renovation had to be done to the house.

“Martin already had a huge fish tank but he wanted a bigger one and said he needed a bigger house to fit it in. I loved our house so didn’t want to move. So we compromised – he got a bigger tank in our current house,” Kay Lakin said.

The aquarium’s control room. Photo by Martin Lakin

Lakin had to add two steel joists the length and height of the house to support the massive aquarium and his wife and son had to spend 5 months out of the house as construction was done on the house to accommodate the tank, Yahoo News reported. The house also sports an automated sun roof above the tank to let in natural light.

Lakin’s aquarium cost a whopping 50,000 British Pounds, or about US$ 77,000, and he stocked it with £100,000 (or $US154,000) in live corals, pumps, lights, filters, wave makers, and computers to keep everything healthy 24 hours a day.  While Lakin’s aquarium is indeed a massive tank, he apparently is not finished.

“What Kay doesn’t know is the existing one is only a temporary one for an even bigger tank that Martin dreams of,” Martin’s friend Scott said.


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