Man Sees Dog Chained In Yard For Years, Decides To Do Something About It

After gradually earning a neglected dog's trust, a man stands up to the owner and demands to take the dog with him.

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After being chained up for years, Rusty Diamond finally gets to run free.

When a Phoenix, Arizona, man saw the same dog chained up in the same fenced yard, day after day, year after year, he became concerned enough to get involved with the situation.

A video recently uploaded to Vimeo tells the story of how that man gave the dog a new lease on life.

The dog, who seems to have had very little — if any — human contact, appears aggressive at first, but eventually becomes cautiously accepting of the stranger who brings him treats and tries to pat his nose through the fence. And, because dogs can be completely irresistible, the man becomes attached to the poor dog, promising him that everything will eventually be OK.

One day he sees the owner, and the man says he tells her that leaving a dog chained up all day, every day is considered animal cruelty. The owner reportedly shrugs it off, saying that the animal had been on that chain for the past 10 or 15 years. The man then says he tells her that when he leaves that day, he’s taking the dog with him. And he does.

This might be the first human contact Rusty ever had. Via Jared Piper/Vimeo

This might be the first human contact Rusty ever had. Via Jared Piper/Vimeo

The dog, who is quickly named Rusty Diamond, is in rough shape. He has raw patches of flesh on his ears and tumors on his body. But after getting quite possibly his first-ever trip to the vet — and his first-ever bath — he is given a clean enough bill of health to be put up for adoption.

Rusty is quickly taken in by a family who has a large yard, where he is free to run without a chain, where other dogs would play with him and where he is given all the love and affection that had been withheld for the first decade of his life.

Rusty’s story is a sad one (and the Bon Iver in the background doesn’t help), but thank goodness this man helped him re-write the ending.

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