Man Saves Kitten, First From River Then From Car Engine

When a scared kitten escaped a man's grasp and dived into a river, the man rescued it. When that kitten hid in his car engine? He took it apart.

When a 27-year-old man – dubbed “Joe” by news outlets – spotted two teenagers staring into the branches of a tree alongside a bridge this week, he pulled his Mercedes over to see what was up. There, he found a frightened calico kitten staring back.

A cat lover, Joe quickly climbed the tree, hoping to snag the kitty swiftly and bring her to safety. His rescue plans, however, were dashed when terror caused the kitten to skitter away, falling into a river down below. Think the story ends there? Think again.

Joe dived into the water to save the kitten from drowning. With the wee wet one in tow, Joe thought his harrowing rescue was finally complete but the kitten had other plans. Fleeing from Joe’s grip, the kitten, soaked and scared, climbed into the engine of Joe’s Mercedes, and no amount of coaxing would lure her out. Then and there Joe began plotting his next move: dismantling the Mercedes.

A quick call for a tow truck, and Joe’s Mercedes was on its way to a local dealership, where mechanics dismantled the entire engine to free the feline. Finally on solid ground again, the kitten was dried off, fed, and swept off to the vet, where she was found to be healthy, uninjured and approximately 6 months old.

When asked about the time and effort devoted to the rescue, Joe was incredibly humble, shrugging and implying that the rescue wasn’t the biggest obstacle in the story – convincing his girlfriend to let him keep the kitten would be the real challenge. Good news: she said yes, and the calico now has a place to rest her paws!

You can watch a digital reenactment of the rescue below.

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