Man Posts Incredible Craigslist Ad After Girlfriend Asks Him To Rehome His Dog

A Virginia pet owner had to make a difficult choice when his girlfriend asked him to get rid of his dog.

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Molly the Beagle is about to be so much happier. Via Craigslist

A Roanoke, Virginia, man says his girlfriend didn’t like his beloved Beagle, Molly, and she asked him to find a new home for the dog. So he undoubtedly looked into Molly’s soulful brown eyes, took a deep breath and then started to write an ad to post on Craigslist.

He recounted all of her good qualities — she’s a purebred, likes playing games and doesn’t bite — and her less-than-good ones, including the fact that she yaps a lot, requires expensive food and she doesn’t exactly run to the door to welcome you home. She’s free to a good home, all right, but whoever responds to this ad better read all the way to the last line.

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