Man on a Mission

A kitty's best friend: Jeremy Powers finds homes for Florida strays and special-needs cats.

You could call Jeremy Powers a Renaissance man of sorts. At 36 years old, the Citra, Fla., resident works as a prosecuting attorney for the Florida State Attorney’s Office. He’s a pilot and a sailor. He’s been an alligator wrestler, wilderness guide and wildlife rescue volunteer, too. He’s traveled the world, and spent time in Tokyo and Beijing. And, in his spare time, he rescues and cares for needy cats that cross his path.

“Thousands of cats every day need help,” Powers says. “I couldn’t imagine not doing everything that I could for the ones that cross my path directly. It’s a little different when you think of the faceless thousands that are out there, but when there’s one right in front of you, you’ve got to help. It’s just not an option.”

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