Man To Mail Out More Than 100 Tennis Balls In Memory Of His Beloved Dog

Chris Sontag-Ratti hopes this sweet tribute to his dog, who died two years ago this week, will encourage others to spend quality time with their own pets.

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Chris Sontag-Ratti is mailing out tennis balls to pet owners in memory of his dog. Via imso/Instagram

It will be two years this Saturday since Chris Sontag-Ratti’s beloved dog died, and the Haywood, California, man still aches from the loss.

To commemorate the second anniversary of Everything’s death (yes, the 12-year-old Boxer-Rottweiler mix was named Everything), Sontag-Ratti posted a picture of a box of tennis balls on Instagram, writing that he wanted to mail them to anyone who requested one.

“I hope that all the people who get a ball from me will use it to spend some quality time with their best friend,” he wrote, asking anyone who wanted a ball to message or email him.

On Jan 23 I’ll mark 2 years without my best friend. I purchased 100 tennis balls last week. I plan on sending them to anyone who wants one. I hope that all the people who get a ball from me will use it to spend some quality time with their best friend. If you would like a ball please email me your name and address and I will send you one. Direct message on IG works too. If you know someone who might like a ball feel free to tag them. I cover all costs… My email is The artwork on the flyer was put together kindly by @steezjuice.. Edit: wow, i am blown away by the requests for tennis balls. Going to have to buy some more now. Thank you to everyone who requested a ball. Ill do my best to make sure everybody gets one. Thank you all. #tennisballsforeverything #dogsofinstagram #dogs #bestfriend #inlovingmemory #Rottweiler #boxer #bulldog #goldenretriever #frenchbulldog #puppy #Doberman #chihuahua #tennis #love #remember #dog #woof

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He had purchased 100 tennis balls and, at the time he published the post, he wondered whether he would be able to send them all out. Two days and more than 8,000 Instagram likes later, the apprentice electrician is trying to figure out how he can scrape together to buy more of them.

“I was planning on spending my entire paycheck this week on shipping but looks like I’ll have to use next week’s check too,” he told ABC News. “I don’t mind one bit either. I would spend my last dollar if it helped keep the memory of my Everything alive.”

He can thank the California weather for helping keep her memory alive too — and helping the rest of us learn about his beautiful dog. He had originally planned to leave some tennis balls and a note on the beach where they used to walk together, but after several days of rain, he worried that either the notes would be unreadable or no one would find his tribute.

He opted for Instagram instead, and we’re lucky that he did. We’re so sorry for your loss, but we’re glad you were able to share a little bit of Everything with the rest of us.

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