Man Drops 10 Feet to Rescue Kitten from Storm Drain

When firefighters and police officers said "No" to saving a kitten, neighbors stepped in to help.

When residents in a Rowlett, Texas, neighborhood heard distressed mews coming from a nearby storm drain, they did what concerned citizens do: dialed 911 and requested help from firefighters, police and animal control. The result? A resounding “No.”

Deemed too dangerous a rescue, authorities refused to attempt to retrieve the kitten, and warned others not to try either – a request that was ignored by the concerned parties.

Banding together, the amateur rescuers put their heads together, and came up with a plan; one which resulted in resident Jonathan Trantham taking matters into his own hands (despite being allergic to cats), and jumping more than 10 feet into the storm drain to try and coax the kitten out.
“It ran from me the whole time,” Trantham told CBS Local.

The harrowing ordeal found Trantham following the kitten through a narrow drain pipe that he “could duck down and crawl through,” a detour that forced Trantham to face two of his fears: roaches and tight spaces.

After a time, a neighbor blocked the other end of the pipe, forcing the kitten (a tortoiseshell now named Storm) to turn around and run straight into Trantham’s awaiting carrier.

Storm is now up for adoption (although neighbors have expressed interest in making her their own). How’s that for a happy ending?

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