Man Dresses Up As Cat’s Favorite Toy And It Doesn’t Go So Well

A man’s attempt to delight his cat backfires horribly.

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Things pretty much went exactly how you might expect them to go when it comes to cats.
Stephanie Brown

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to try and replicate something you see on the Internet. For example, scaring your cat with a cucumber. Or pretty much any craft you see on Pinterest. Another example is dressing up as your pet’s favorite toy, IF your pet happens to be a cat.

A YouTube video of a dog owner who dressed up as his pet’s favorite toy — a Gumby doll — recently went viral. The dog in the video could not contain her excitement and is all kinds of happy. It’s super adorable.

A cat owner decided to do the same thing, but the results were a lot different.

In a YouTube video posted by Jeff Cerulli, a man dresses up as a cat named Peep’s favorite toy — a shark. Bad idea.



Peeps could not dislike his life-sized shark any more.

The video is most likely meant to be a parody of the Gumby video, so we don’t feel too bad for the guy. And honestly, any cat owner could’ve seen this coming a mile away. Cats are not as easily impressed as dogs.

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