Man Goes Dog Sledding Through Downtown Pittsburgh During Winter Storm Jonas

The historic blizzard provided the perfect powder path through downtown Pittsburgh for one man and his Huskies to do some dog sledding.

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A nice little tour through an urban winter wonderland.

While many East Coasters were cuddled up under a blanket binging on Netflix during Winter Storm Jonas, one man braved the elements to dog-sled through the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Matt Philips, a popular YouTuber known for his extreme sports videos, took advantage of the wintery conditions and went on a dog-sledding tour of downtown Pittsburgh with his three Siberian Huskies.

Via YouTube

That’s one way to travel. Via Matt Philips/YouTube

The historic storm dropped a ton of snow on the East Coast last weekend, and created a thick layer of fresh powder for Philips and his pups to sled around the city on.

Philips captured the magical, snowy tour — which included spectacular views of city streets, tall buildings and the nearby river bank — on his GoPro and, thankfully, posted the video on his YouTube page for us all to see.

Via YouTube

Way better than taking an Uber, that’s for sure. Via Matt Philips/YouTube

Talk about making the most of a bad weather day!

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