Man Dies While Saving Cat from Collapsed Apartment Building

While looking for survivors amongst the debris, a cat was found in the arms of her deceased owner.

We would do anything for the ones we love, human and animal alike. Some even do such things for the animals they don’t even know. But one man, 60-year-old Madhav Barve, paid the ultimate sacrifice to save his cat when the apartment building they lived in in Thane, India collapsed.

“As we removed the debris looking for trapped people under it, we saw legs and started clearing the rubble to rescue the person. It was an old man holding a cat in his arms. The feline was alive but the man was motionless,” a National Disaster Response Force official told Mumbai Mirror. The official added that the cat remained in Barve’s arms until the response team rescued her.

Shielding the cat resulted in the loss of Barve’s life, but it saved the cat’s. The Dodo reports that the feline is being treated at the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for injuries to her spine and back leg.

It is unclear where the cat will end up once she’s healed. However, Mid-Day Infomedia reports that Barve is survived by his wife and son, who may be able to care for the cat.

Would you risk your life to save your furry friend?

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