Man Confesses to Stealing African Grey Parrots

The birds, Missy and Snoop Dogg, have been returned home.

Back in September, two 
African Grey Parrots named Missy and Snoop Dogg were stolen from their home in Middlesbrough, England. Both birds were returned safely to their owner, Joanna Mason, in early October.

Upon the birds?return, the East Middlesbrough Integrated Neighbourhood Police Team posted on Facebook, “It’s clear that pressure from the circulation of this information via Facebook eventually made the ownership of these birds [too] hot to handle. We hope to be ruffling the feathers of the offender in the very near future!?lt;/span>

It turns out the police team didn? have to wait long. Richard Macaulley Smith, 20, recently pled guilty to stealing the African Grey parrots, Gazette Live reports. Smith is a third-strike burglar, meaning this incident could result in imprisonment of three years. His defending attorney, Andrew Turton, “has asked for a pre-sentence report to be prepared on Smith,?according to Gazette Live, since, Turton believes, personal issues may be a deciding factor in how the judge rules.

Gazette Live reports that the Recorder of Middlesbrough, Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, told Smith, “You?e had the good sense to plead guilty to this offence and you?l be given the appropriate credit.?lt;/span>

Smith was released on bail until his sentencing next month.


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