Man Calls 911 On His Cat

After being attacked by his cat, a man called the police.

Dispatchers at a police station in Stamford, Connecticut received a call from a distressed cat parent who needed help with his cat. He told the 911 operator that his cat had attacked him, scratching his leg and biting him. He told the perplexed dispatcher that his feline had just had kittens and had become “too aggressive.” The man and his wife fled the house, unable to get back inside for hours. The cat, he said, “was in attacking mode.” It is unclear what prompted the cat to behave this way – other than perhaps a strong need to protect her babies – or just how badly the man was hurt by the cat. However, according to NBC Connecticut, the couple was eventually able to go back in their house and was advised to stay away from the cat for the rest of the evening.

Has your cat ever become uncontrollably aggressive? Would 911 be your first course of action?

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