Man Buys One-Way Ticket, Flies 1,500 Miles To Adopt Dog He Saw Online

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Joel Carpenter was able to make it back home with his newly rescued pooch.

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Carpenter said he felt compelled to fly out and rescue Sadie. Via WZZM

Joel Carpenter must believe in love at first sight. But unlike some 23-year-olds, the Maine man wasn’t trying to swipe right and find a long-term romance. Instead he, fell hard for a shelter dog named Sadie.

After seeing the Husky/Shepherd/Collie mix online, Carpenter knew that he had to adopt her — even though she was 1,500 miles away at a shelter in Minneapolis, WZZM reports.

“I was just kind of following my heart,” he told the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based station.

The one problem? Carpenter’s bank account. He said he spent most of his savings on a one-way plane ticket to Minnesota, so after he adopted Sadie, he didn’t know how the two of them were going to get home. He managed to couchsurf and hitchhike his way to Chicago, then to Grand Rapids and — figuring “why the hell not?” — he contacted the local news station.

Thanks to donations from viewers, Carpenter was able to fly home. Via WZZM

Thanks to donations from viewers, Carpenter was able to fly home with Sadie. Via WZZM

WZZM shared his story and, thanks to some kind-hearted viewers, he raised $500 for a flight from Detroit back to Portland, Maine. (Yes, he had to hitchhike from Grand Rapids to Detroit).

“I just wanted to make sure Sadie had a good home,” Carpenter told the news station. “I’ve definitely been lucky with some really kind people on my journey to get her back safe.”

You’re not too bad yourself, Joel. Best of luck, you crazy kids.

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