Man Builds Window In Fence So Dogs Can Visit With Dog Neighbor

A dog wanted to visit his friend next door, so his owner built a fence window for them.

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"Good day to you, neighbor. Would you care for a quick sprint along the fence?" Via ryanispiper/Reddit
Stephanie Brown

Three dogs are getting to see much more of their neighbor friend thanks to their owner’s ingenuity.

Redditor ryanispiper decided to build a little window in his fence after he discovered one of his dogs was “trying to eat his way through the fence” to play with the neighbor’s dog (and after getting approval from the neighbor).

The window, which is covered with a heavy-duty screen, allows the dogs to socialize without ripping the fence to shreds.


“They will spend a while just sitting there looking at each other, then they might chase each other along the fence for a while or lick each other through the fence,” he wrote. “My dogs get a little worked up when they can see the neighbor playing with his dog and they can’t join in but that’s about the worst of it.”

Turns out good fences really do make good neighbors, provided there’s a little hole in said fence that allows the neighbors’ dogs to visit with each other.

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