Man Builds ‘Water Wheelchair’ for Goldfish To Help It Swim

The goldfish can now swim better thanks to its custom buoyancy control device.

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This goldfish has a buoyancy problem so a man named Derek built it a device to help control its buoyancy. Via Taylor Nicole Dean/Twitter
John Virata

A man who works at an aquarium store built a buoyancy control device to help a goldfish who has a buoyancy problem. His friend, Taylor Nicole Dean tweeted an image of his text to her and wrote on her Twitter account (@taylorndean) that “Wheelchair fish is doing well,” and the Internet fell in love with it.

Derek (no last name given), who works at Aquarium Designs in San Antonio, Texas, first created the BCD using aquarium airline tubing that loops around the fish’s body and fashioned a loop of some sort that holds the floating material.

After he got the fish to float better, Dean tweeted that the fish is doing well with the device to help it swim.

Derek upgraded the fish’s BCD with what Dean says is a more comfortable “wheelchair.” This chair has less tubing and a larger flotation device, but the fish seems to be doing well with it.

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