Malili Lake Shrimp

Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article Creatures from the Malili Lakes.

While not so easy to keep, the definite star among the Lake Towuti shrimp is an undescribed species sold as Caridina sp. “red cardinal.” It bears a striking resemblance to the marine fire shrimp (Lysmata debelius), but it attains a maximum length of less than 1 inch. Like the marine fire shrimp, it is decidedly cryptic and may take several weeks to be coaxed out of its preferred crevice before it is seen out in the open.

Because this species is rare in the hobby, those interested in keeping it should setup up a species aquarium specifically designed to house and breed this species. This species needs very clean water, lots of hiding places and has special feeding requirements. With regard to feeding, special sinking algae tablets, flake food and other foods should be made available on the bottom of the aquarium. Also, rocks from a pristine river or lake may be added to provide a natural source of algae for these shrimp.

If their difficult care requirements can be mastered, these shrimp are primed to become very popular with freshwater planted tank aquarists, and especially aquarists keeping nano planted tanks.

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