Male or Female Syrian Hamster?

Check out these four differences between Syrian males hamsters and female hamsters.

Male or female, Syrian hamsters make great pets. Via Ryan Cheung/Flickr

By Nancy Ferris

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So you are thinking about buying a Syrian hamster? Do you want a male hamster or a female hamster? When choosing a Syrian hamster, there are some differences between the sexes.

  1. Both male and female Syrian hamsters make good pets.
  2. Often, the male hamsters are more mellow.
  3. A male Syrian’s coat can vary from just a few skirts or fringes to very long hair all over its body. Male Syrians with lots of hair may require some combing. Also, take care in selecting bedding, as the bedding will get caught in the hamster’s coat. Aspen and any paper-pulp type bedding are good choices for Syrian hamsters with lots of hair.
  4. Female Syrians may put out an odor when they come into heat every four days.

Note: In the dwarf hamster species, there is not a lot of difference between males and females.

Excerpt from the Popular Critters Series magabook Hamsters with permission from its publisher, Lumina Media. Purchase Hamsters here.

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