Male Cockatiel Courting Behavior

Learn the signs of male cockatiel courtship behavior to know if your pet cockatiel is trying to court you.


Male cockatiels are not subtle when it comes to courting. Male cockatiels try all sorts of things to get their potential mate? notice. Male cockatiels may not stir up any female cockatiel if they?e a singly kept bird in your home, but they are certainly entertaining. Male cockatiels in the mood will imitate a woodpecker and bang ferociously against a perch. Perhaps they are trying to show a mate that they?e so good, they are willing to build a nest hole from scratch? A male cockatiel also tends to hop rather than walk around and, at the end of a hop, he will whistle or chortle loudly. Male cockatiels might also bob their heads.

If a male cockatiel has a particular female in mind, he?l sit close to her, lean over to her as if to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, and then he?l whistle at the top of his lungs. Your male cockatiel might do this to you, too. It can cause ringing of the ear for a short time!

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