Male Cat Nurtures Kittens

A cat stepdad steps in to raise abandoned young kittens.

An 8-month-old male cat is caring for a litter of tiny kittens, after they’d lost their mother. Henry cares for six kittens, which their foster mother named after the kids in “The Brady Bunch”: Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby.

Someone had abandoned the 3-week-old kittens and left them on a road on Prince of Wales Island. Children walking home from school heard the kittens crying, and an animal rescuer had the litter flown to the southeast Alaska community of Ketchikan. Heather Muench, a volunteer with the Ketchikan Humane Society, is providing round-the-clock foster care at her home and her job at Island-to-Island Veterinary Clinic. Meanwhile, Henry — a cat she adopted from the shelter – is nurturing the babies. He spends hours licking the kittens clean and has grown very attached to them, according to a story from The Associated Press.

What makes Henry so remarkable is not only his gender — male cats usually split after their mating and have no interest in their offspring — but also the fact that he has a disability. Henry has a neurological disorder that affects his coordination, making him walk unevenly and unable to jump.

This sweet story is a testament to how much cats can surprise us — males aren’t the type to pay child support, in human terms — and how special and love-worthy those with disabilities can be.

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