Making Waves

Active and devoted, the water-loving Chesapeake Bay Retriever thrives with a strong, confident owner.

Even if it’s 30 degrees outside and snowing like crazy, my three dogs will dive into our lake,” says Susan D., owner of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Jasper, Morgen, and Parker. “One day it was 12 degrees, and all three of them were swimming around. They didn’t want to come out, even though ice crystals were forming on their backs.”

Think of the Chesapeake as a cheerful, ruggedly handsome, hardworking outdoorsman with a muscular chest, wavy hair, and bright eyes glinting with laughter and intelligence.

“Chessies are thinking dogs, very intelligent and extremely loyal,” adds Susan of North Carolina. “They’re generally pretty happy and satisfied with life, and have a natural flair for retrieving.”

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