Making A Ferret Feel At Home

What’s the best way to welcome a ferret into your home?

Q: I just got my first ferret. What would be a good way to welcome her and make sure she’s comfortable in her new environment — to make her feel at home and comfortable?

A: What a great question. You can do many things to make a ferret feel at home. The first is for you to do a lot of research about what a ferret needs. Ferrets Magazine is a great place to start with articles on health, grooming and enrichment.

The basics of ferret care include: the largest cage you can afford, washable bedding, litter boxes, a ferret-safe litter, ferret-safe toys, a ceramic food dish, high-quality ferret food, a water bottle and a ferret-knowledgeable veterinarian. Additionally, ferrets require play time, time out of the cage, ferret-proofing any room they may be given access to and lots of attention.

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