Making A Ferret Connection

A chance encounter leads ferret owners in a remote part of Alaska to meet and become friends.

Ferret ownership or should I say, being owned by ferrets, isn’t for everybody. It takes a remarkable person to understand and love a ferret. And as ferret owners, we belong to a unique group of people.

Living in a remote village of Alaska where the population predominately considers animals to be food or clothing, the chances of meeting or finding a member of this unique group is rare. And for a long time, I believed I was the only ferret-owned person in my village. And then a strange phenomenon occurred.

Dr. Bob was in town for his monthly visit to the clinic (in my village, there isn’t a stationary veterinarian), and I scheduled to take my dog in for some blood work that day. While sitting in the waiting area, I noticed a couple with a very cute puppy — a pretty normal scenario for a vet’s office. Not-so-normal was the conversation between the lady (with the oh-so-cute puppy on her lap) and the receptionist. It turns out that this couple found the puppy and placed ads all over town, but nobody came forward to claim ownership. Captivated by his cuteness and charm, they were at the clinic that day to get the puppy its shots.

For some reason the puppy and that couple remained in the back of my mind over the next few days. Maybe it was their heroic effort in paying for a lost puppy’s shots, or the fact that they saved this puppy from the fate of the grim and dismal dog pound, or the heightened possibility of a good future home. Whatever the case, they remained in the back of my thoughts.

From Ordinary To Extraordinary
About a week or so later, I read a message through a community e-mail system announcing that a lost puppy was reclaimed by its owners. The message concluded by stating, “And the ferrets were happy again.”

Ferrets! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I read the message again. And sure enough, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Immediately my mind filled with questions. Was this message from that same couple that I saw last week? Was this the same puppy? I had to find out! Without hesitation I replied to the e-mail.

“Hi, were you the couple that was at the vet clinic on Saturday with that yellow puppy? It was so adorable! Anyway, what really caught my attention was that you mentioned ferrets in your message! That’s awesome, because my husband and I have three and I just love them like crazy! Ferrets are the funnest pets, and it’s rare to find ferret owners out here!”

Sure enough, it was just as I suspected! We exchanged phone numbers and before long I had Dawn and Ron over for dinner to meet my three ferrets. Shortly after I had the privilege to go to their house and meet Dawn’s troublemaking troop of nine. It was a friendship in the making.

What started out as just another ordinary day turned into something extraordinary. I am thankful that I was at the vet clinic that day. Dawn and Ron are two of the nicest people I ever met. The friendship between Dawn and me continues to grow. Dawn is a beautiful person and our friendship is special to me. Thank you, ferrets, for making a connection.

Kim Shelden enjoys living in Alaska with her husband, Dan, and family of fur, which includes two dogs, three ferrets and one Bengal kitten — all of whom bring her great joy. She has a heart for God, a passion for writing and appreciates the beauty within everyone.

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