Makeup Artist’s Use Of Dead Tropical Fish Garners Mostly Negative Comments On Instagram

Elya Bulochka calls it art, others do not.

A Russian makeup artist has caused a stir on Instagram for her use of dead tropical fish as makeup. Photo by Elya Bulochka/Instagram

Not sure if this Russian makeup artist is famous already or if she is looking to get infamous, but her latest “makeup art” involves the use of dead tropical fish and even some anchovies. Elya Bulochka apparently is into this sort of makeup, and uses other creatures to create her “art” including various bugs, beetles, and roaches.

Some of the comments on Bulochka’s Instagram page are telling. Many folks are upset in her use of dead fish, with some folks saying that what she did is not art, but rather just “another stupid person killing animals for nothing. Another said “I studied art. . . looking at your picture i fail to recognise anything you refer to as ‘Art’. The only pretty and naturally beauty i see are the unfortunate dead fish you stuck on your face in stupidity.”

“This is so so vulgar. It’s not even a good concept to justify killing those little guys. You have a super over inflated opinion of your ability. Utterly tacky.”

So ladies, what do you think? Will dead tropical fish be the latest fashion trend to chase along with those seized Manolo Blahnik snakeskin shoes?

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