Make your Bird a Star!

Enter your bird in a talent competition for its chance to win a recording contract.

BIRDSTAR ContestLaurel Canyon Animal Company in Los Angeles is looking for a new bird with vocal talent to be featured on the cover of their upcoming CD BIRDBEAT.

Bird owners should submit video clips of their pet bird performing a talent on DVD or a CD-R disc. The contest categories include: spoken word, singing (songbirds), ASG (any sound goes) and Radio Birds.

The release of BIRDBEAT will add another bird vocal talent alongside Carla Mitchell, a double yellow-headed Amazon. Carla’s catchphrase is featured as the main single on Laurel Canyon Animal Company’s CD I’m a Green Chicken! which also includes sample tracks of other animal songs from Cat-A-Tonic, Ugly Dogs Need More Love and Bring an Animal Home for the Holidays.

I'm A Green Chicken! CDOwners Skip Haynes and Dana Walden said they are looking for a bird with a snappy phrase or imitation to use on the CD. “If it sounds great then we can make a song out of it,” Haynes said.

The winner will receive a recording contract and a ringtone contract with the Laurel Canyon Animal Company. They will also receive a membership in the company’s Avian Artistes.

Tips for recording your bird’s vocal talent:

  • Record in an area where there is no background noise (e.g. TV, phone, -other birds, traffic).
  • Unless it is a long phrase, plan on 5 to 15 seconds of recording.
  • Make sure that the microphone is close to your bird’s face to get a clear sound.

The company will write the song based on the winning bird’s catchphrase. Haynes said he’s looking for something that would make a morning drive pop song or a country song.

Send video entries to BIRDSTAR Contest, PETCDS.COM, 8033 Sunset Boulevard, Suite #946, Hollywood, CA 90046. Go to the Laurel Canyon Animal Company website for full contest details. Submissions must be received by January 1, 2007.


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