Make a Flea-Free Cat Tree

You're just a few steps away from giving your cats a cute cat tree that won’t harbor fleas.

My husband and I almost admitted defeat on the war against dog and cat fleas. With five indoor pets, fleas kept coming back despite all our effort. We were so desperate, we removed all the carpet in our house and replaced it with vinyl flooring. As I scanned my house for anything else that could possibly harbor those pesky blood-suckers, I spotted my kitties happily napping in their carpet-covered cat tree. Agh! It had to go.

We immediately threw it away, but then my displaced cats began adverse behavior like sharpening their claws on my leather dining room chairs. I had to come up with a solution quickly, or the rest of my house would be destroyed. How to give the kitties a snuggly cat tree with removable pieces for washing or discarding to help prevent not only fleas, but illness as well? Here’s my simple 10-step solution. You, too, can make your kitty a nice tower in any color to match your décor. Feel free to change the sizes – widths, lengths, heights – to fit your living space.

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