Make a Fancy Four-Poster Dog Bed With Items Around the House

Your trash could be your dog's treasure. Find out how to upcycle old objects into a great bef for your dog.

Want to give your dog a luxurious sleeping chamber, without paying a luxurious price tag? With some simple tools and creativity, you can make one yourself.

The great thing about making a dog bed is you can make it to match your house décor or your dog’s personality. Here are some ideas to get you started, but use your imagination – the sky’s the limit when it comes to this fun project!

Four Poster Pet Bed

A fancy four poster dog bed is easier than you think – you won’t even need to get out a hammer – I promise!

Materials Needed:

  • Desk or Coffee Table
  • Dog bed/pillow– either one you already have or upcycle something.
  • Optional – piece of wood

How to Make a Four Poster Dog Bed:

Step 1. Flip your desk upside down. Now you have two choices. You can remove the drawers and inner pieces of wood to create a pocket for your dog bed. Or, you can do what I did which was flip the drawers upside down so you can still you them for storing items and just cut a piece of wood to fit the bottom of the desk to lay the dog bed on.


dog bed desk



Step 2. Find a dog bed. Use your dog’s current bed, make one out of old pillows, use an old quilt, etc. I had a pillow-top mattress that the cat ruined in once spot. I cut it up to the size I needed, re-stuffed and sewed the open sides, and viola, I had a new dog bed for free!


 dog bed



Step 3: Add some personal touches. I covered the bed with some fabric I had left over from another project. You can pick out fabric from the store or upcycle fabric like old sheets or drapes. Just make sure to wash everything thoroughly. 


 dog bed



Again, so simple! Only three steps and you have a chic dog bed that matches your décor.



 dog bed



Before you Recycle, Upcycle!

Don’t just toss items out, go through your stuff and see if anything sparks an idea – you might be surprised what you can use to make functional items for your pets.If you don’t have extra items on hand, take a trip to a garage sale or local thrift shop for some awesome finds. For example, a bookshelf turned on its side with a few shelves left in makes the perfect multi-pet bed. Each Pet can have his own unique mat, and you can even paint their name on the shelf side if you want.

Want even more ideas? Here are some of my top picks from Pinterest that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


luggage dog bed




dog bed




This one sold for $180. How much did my bed cost me? Nothing – I only used items I already had, even the board came from an old broken shelving unit!


crate dog bed



Whatever designs you decide to go with, your best friend will have a fun, fashionable place to snuggle up in that is sure to draw complements from your friends and family. 

Kristina creates dog crafts and supplies for check out A Fairytail House, I make custom pet items including dog mats.

Have you made you upcycled something for your dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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