Make a Bird Disaster Kit

Be prepared for emergency situations and have a Bird Disaster Kit on hand

Watch our webisode of How To with BIRD TALK magazine on how to create a Bird Disaster Kit

Here is what we?l need to create our Bird Disaster Kit:

– Bottled water
– Food (Seed or Pellets)
– Trail Mix
– Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables
– Spray Bottle
– Canned Fruits and Veggies (no salt). Don? forget a can opener if you have cans without pull top lids.
– A bowl or dish so your bird can drink its water or eat its food.
– Pet Bird Information Pack

Note: Remember to rotate the food supplies to keep them fresh and, replace them as needed.

Pet Bird Information Pack
In your Pet Bird Information Pack keep a list of updated emergency contacts. Relatives and friends who have agreed to help out in an emergency, your primary and back up avian veterinarians and local bird friendly hotels and motels.

Create your Pet Bird Information Pack here

Store everything in a plastic airtight container and keep it near your Avian First Aid Kit and travel carrier in case you need to evacuate your home. Keep a folded towel with your travel carrier in case your bird needs to be toweled when evacuating.

Please Rescue My Birds!
Place a sign to let emergency crews know that pet birds are inside your home and need to be rescued in the event of a disaster. Make sure to include the number of birds inside and visual indicators (like significant color or physical markings) and the bird species (especially for multi-bird homes).

Print a Pet Bird Disaster Sign here

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