Maintenance Matters!

Keep your ferret healthy with a tip-top environment and accessories.

first two pages from the article Maintenance Matters! in Ferrets USA 2012Remember when you brought home your first pet ferret? Along came a cage, bedding, bowls, bottles and all sorts of assorted supplies. Weren’t they all sparkling clean? Now, perhaps a year or two — or more — has passed, and some of those goods are looking a little ragged. This is why you must regularly check over all your ferret accessories to ensure everything remains safe. And it’s crucial to your pet’s health to practice good sanitation methods for cleaning and food handling. Whether you’re a longtime owner who needs a gentle nudge, or a new owner who could use some tips, here’s an easy guide for you.

The Cage & Contents
Other than your pet itself and ongoing veterinary care, the biggest investment a ferret owner makes is their pet’s housing. I have seen cages where the sheet metal bottom has literally rotted through because the owners failed to regularly remove urine and feces. Ewww! Your pet’s cage must be cleaned — often. 

For the full article, pick up the 2012 issue of Ferrets USA or click here to buy the issue.

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