Maine Proposal Would Increase Dog, Cat Fees

Proposal significantly hikes fees for dogs and cats capable of reproducing.

The Maine legislature is considering legislation that would dramatically increase license fees for some dog owners and pet stores, and all dog and cat breeding kennels in the state.

Described by proponents as “an act to ensure humane dog and cat breeding in the state,” the legislation would hike license fee for dog owners from $11 to $150 for each dog older than 6 months and capable of reproducing.

Opponents of the legislation contend that it penalizes pet owners and increases the cost of pet ownership, does nothing to improve living standards for animals, and limits the diversity of bloodlines for breeders.

The legislation would increase license fees for breeding kennels from $75 altogether to $500 for each adult female dog or cat kept at the kennel and capable of breeding. The legislation further caps the number of adult females capable of breeding at 10.

The bill further defines breeding kennel as a location where at least one female adult dog or cat capable of breeding is kept, and that at least some offspring are offered for sale or exchange.

The legislation would increase its annual pet shop license fee from $150 to $150 plus $500 for each dog offered for sale or sold in the previous year.

The legislation, House Bill 728, has been assigned to the Joint Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

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