Maglife USA Clean Sweep Betta Tank Review

The Maglife USA Clean Sweep Betta Tank is an aquarium for betta fish.

The Maglife Clean Sweep Betta Tank is an excellent product for the always-growing ranks of folks who keep betta fish (Betta splendens). Using this aquarium and its NitraStrate pellets for the substrate makes keeping a betta very easy.

Clean Sweep

The Claims
Maglife claims that the Clean Sweep Betta Tank and NitraStrate substrate make keeping a betta easier than ever, and that their Sediment Removal System is an easy way to clean the aquarium and do a water change. In combination, they claim to have the best betta aquarium around.

The Test
I set up a Clean Sweep Betta Tank using the NitraStrate substrate, aged water from an existing aquarium and one of my male bettas. I used the Sediment Removal System about every week to 10 days to clean the aquarium, and I gave the betta fish food three times a week. The aquarium was set on top of a 300 gallon that is heated to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Results
I kept my Clean Sweep Betta Tank for two months. The aquarium always looked great, and the betta thrived. This product is cleverly designed and is an excellent home for a betta (or perhaps some little shrimp). The size is just right — small enough to not take up much space and large enough so the betta really has a home. Some folks will always preach that bettas need at least an X-gallon aquarium and that keeping them in a small container is cruel. This is definitely not true if that container is a Clean Sweep Betta Tank.

The Sediment Removal System consists of a clear plastic “sweeper” rod that goes up through the top of the aquarium, attractively wrapped with a plastic plant. The bottom of the rod stirs up the substrate as it is turned, and there is a small drain on the bottom of the aquarium. Turning the sweeper rod and letting out some of the water is the easiest and quickest way I have come across to clean and do a water change.

The NitraStrate substrate provides an excellent environment for the bacteria of the nitrogen cycle to get established. Using the sweeper rod and drain to do a water change does not harm those bacteria, so the environment for the betta remains constant.

I recommend the Clean Sweep Betta Tank for anyone who wants to keep a betta. When kept in an excellent home such as the Clean Sweep Betta Tank, your betta should still be kept in a warm place and only fed three times a week.

Maglife USA
Clean Sweep Betta Tank

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