Magician Makes Dog Treats Disappear, Dogs Are Not Amused

Magician Jose Ahonen is back with more tricks making dog treats disappear. But the dogs don't seem to appreciate his magical talent.

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"Um... where did my treat go?"
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs like their treats. A lot.

So when a magician decided to trick dogs with disappearing treats, the result was about as hilarious as you’d expect. In a video uploaded to YouTube, magician Jose Ahonen attached a GoPro to himself so the world could see the confused, irritated and disappointed expressions on the dogs’ faces as he made their delicious rewards disappear into thin air.

This is not the first time Ahonen has left dogs drooling and frustrated in his wake. Magic For Dogs has been a huge YouTube success. Humans love seeing dogs confused.

However, I can only assume that word is probably spreading throughout the canine community that Ahonen is a monster who makes doggy snacks go away.

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