Macaron and Kitten Delivery Will Make Your Day Magical

Crumbs & Whiskers promises: "A Basket of Kittens. A Bag of Macarons. Delivered to your doorstep."

In a dream world, one would awake to kitten cuddles and macarons on a daily basis; but this holiday season, such a sentiment doesn’t exist merely while you’re sleeping.

Kanchan Singh, proprietress of the first and only cat cafe in Washington, DC, Crumbs & Whiskers, will make your feline fantasies a reality this December by delivering the baked treats and adoptable kitties her café is known for, directly to your doorstep.

“This service allows you to order a basket of kittens and macarons to be delivered to your doorstep — or someone you love’s doorstep — for Christmas,” Singh told The Huffington Post. “Who doesn’t want kittens to show up at their doorstep along with delicious macarons? I don’t know any better formula for instant happiness.”

Dubbed Crumbs & Whiskers Kitten Delivery, the service will be available to Georgetown residents for one day only – Dec. 20 – and include a basket of kittens from the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, a box of macarons from Georgetown’s Olivia Macaron, and thirty whole minutes of kitten cuddles for $99. Better yet, 15% of all proceeds are going directly to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue.

Like #UberKITTENS, all feline participants are available for adoption (not on the spot), with appropriate measures in place to keep the kittens safe – including a playpen, background checks, supervision, and a requirement that there are no other pets, and no children under the age of seven in the household.

“We’re hoping that it’s going to get people excited about adopting,” Echo Keif, cat program coordinator at Lost Dog & Cat Rescue, told HuffPost.

Though this is the first time Crumbs & Whiskers will host a Kitten Delivery; Singh, who is known for her in-café kitten parties, hopes to expand the venture to include other holidays in the future. Next up, Valentine’s Day!

Is there any better combo than kittens and macarons?!

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