Luxury Unleashed: What’s On Your Dog’s List?

Elegant gifts to buy for the pampered dog.

Pampered Pets

Ho Ho Howl. ‘Tis the season to shop for your pet, and I can think of a few shopaholics, including myself, who love to buy gifts for their adorable dogs.

Expect new dog owners, such as Star Jones, to launch into a shopping frenzy trying to make their pup’s first holiday season memorable. Anyone who has seen Jones’s wedding can imagine that her Maltese’s first Christmas will be an equally lavish affair. Pinky Michelle will probably have her own tree, the season’s best canine couture, a special doggie dinner, and a roomful of exquisitely wrapped presents.

But really, Jones is no different than many other dog owners in America who gift their dogs as they do their family members. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, holiday spending on pets will reach approximately $2.6 billion this season. Surprised? Don’t be.

At the Reed house, our holiday celebrations aren’t quite as elaborate, but I do buy presents for my family’s, friends’, and clients’ dogs. For my holiday shopping, I enlisted the help of Jill Roller, manager of Maxwell Dog, and Suzie Bing, owner of Trixie and Peanut. Here’s a sneak peek at my shopping list. Promise you won’t tell my dogs!

The art of sleeping well
Whether your dog prefers round or square, she deserves her own designer dog bed. These mod beds are made with Crypton fabric, a revolutionary moisture-, bacteria-, and stain-resistant material. Have no fear! Your pooch can have an accident on the bed again and again without ruining it. In other words, these beds in William Wegman-designed patterns and priced from $90 to $320 are extremely cost effective (and were also chosen for a DOG FANCY Editors’ Choice award).

Yummy for the tummy
Not only do I love the Website, but my dogs love Grandma Lucy’s Cheeseburgers, which retail for about $8 a jar. These freeze-dried meatballs are all-natural and preservative-free. Other beef, chicken, fish, vegetarian, and baked goods complete the dog menu and make great stocking stuffers.

A dog’s gotta play
Furkids love new toys. And you’ll get a chuckle from the tongue-and-cheek Haute Diggity Dog toys that my English Toy Spaniel Hudson favors. Help a good cause with charity-themed toys, such as Planet Dogs, which my Golden Retriever Burberry craves. My Cocker Spaniel Kidder prefers the fuzzy goodies from Austin Coterie, and Bamboo’s battle-tested toys (another Editors’ Choice winner) can withstand the play of my Curly-Coated Retriever Harry. I’m certain that Thames, my new English Toy Spaniel puppy, will love the seasonally-themed Happy Mouth toys I chose for him. Trust me, your canine will want to play with any of these. 

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