Luxury Cat Hotels Are Real and They’re Spectacular

Want the finest for your feline? Book kitty at a glamorous getaway.

Via Morris Animal Inn
With an increased number of pet owners seeking luxurious, pampering experiences for their furry counterparts, basic pet-sitting is slowly being pushed aside in favor of feline resorts which allow kitties to see how the other half lives while their owners are out of town.

In the 1980s, Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, N.J, opened its doors for cat boarding, providing the basics of food, litter, and an enclosure; but as cat ownership rose, and people began treating their felines like family members as opposed to pets, they expanded their services to include a more indulgent experience – maid service and daily brushing sessions included.
Via Morris Animal Inn
“Our first activity was the pampered pet session, simulating the love and attention they might get at home from an independent cat sitter,” Joann Morris, vice president and co-owner of Morris Animal Inn told NBC News.

The pampered pet session is the most basic of services, costing a mere $12.95. Package prices increase from $19.95 to $49.95 for those who want to spoil their felines a bit more while out of town – offering additional services and your choice of how much one-on-one attention your cat receives during her stay. Though senior cats can receive a cheaper package to accommodate their less-active lifestyles; the most popular package being offered is known simply as Purr-fect.
Via Morris Animal Inn
With the Purr-fect Package, felines are treated to five-star delicacies, provided a hamster-like running wheel (perfect for the most active of felines), and showered with loads of TLC. Additionally, the Purr-fect package allows cats to tap into their creative side by making art on personal iPad’s (they paw the screen), watching cat-apropos programs on the provided Kitty TV, and listening to classical music. And when sleep calls, the cats retire to their suites, where they have a cat’s eye view of the lobby.

Russian Blues Boris and Anastasia are two such felines who enjoy the high life during their stays at the Morris Animal Inn. When their owner, Shannon Muller, is out of town, the two spend their evenings consuming lobster consommé, reposing in a three-story suite (deluxe, to be sure), and perusing their personal iPad.

“They barely look back at us [when they arrive at the resort],” Shannon Muller said. “But when they come home, they are glad to be home.”

While Morris Animal Inn has become notorious for luxurious feline living, they aren’t the only feline resort service in the game.

Whiskers Luxury Cat Boarding in Georgetown, Texas, has cat suites ranging from $25 to $80 per night, all of which come decked out with a 7-foot cat tree capped off with a skybox. And in South San Francisco, there’s the 23,000-square-foot The Pawington pet hotel, which provides daycare for cats and dogs, in addition to a boarding facility with suites that feature hideaway dens for peace and quiet, and ventilation systems in each room. Packages range from $45 to $65, but services can also be purchased a la carte if you’d like to create a more personal experience for your feline.

At the end of the day, it’s all about cat comfort, with pet owners seeking feline-friendly experiences that allow their kitties to be footloose and fancy-free; and the discovery of feline resorts is providing precisely that.

“It was like opening the door to paradise,” Shannon Muller said.

Would you treat your cat to a luxury resort stay?

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