Lump Under Rabbit’s Chin

Is it normal for a rabbit to have a lump under its chin?

Q: My rabbit, Peter, is about 8 months old. I just noticed a big lump under his chin. He is behaving normally, as well as eating normally. He spends his days wandering and exploring, and comes home at dusk for his tea and a good snooze. He is a male and has not been neutured yet. Friends have told me that the lump is often seen in male lop-eared rabbits. Is this true, or could something be wrong?

A: What this lump could be depends on the size of the lump and where it is located. What should have you most concerned is that the lump may be a sign of dental disease.

Dental disease is extremely common in pet rabbits. One of the first signs is a “lump” somewhere near the mouth, on the jaw or on the chin. The lump maybe an abscess or it may be a tooth root that is abnormally growing.

Many times, rabbits appear fine with early dental disease and show no signs of the dreaded disease. Visit a veterinarian who is familiar with rabbits. He or she will be able to tell you immediately if this is a serious problem associated with dental disease.

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