Meet Luhu, The Sad-Looking Eeyore Of Internet Cats

Luhu is a sweet tabby cat who constantly looks like she needs a serious pick-me-up.

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"Thanks for noticing me... " Via Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

It just doesn’t get any cuter than a cat with a perpetually sad expression, folks.

Luhu the cat is a gray tabby who lives in Beijing, China, with her brothers, Barher and Bardie. All three cats are owned by Maggie Liu, and Liu has been posting pictures of the three cats on her Instagram page.

Luhu is the only one with a perpetually sad-looking mug, and the Internet is just going crazy for it. Maggie Liu’s Instagram page has over 36,000 followers and each photo of Luhu gets thousands of likes. 

It’s impossible not to fall instantly in love with those droopy eyes and that eternal frown. C’mon Luhu, why so blue?

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