Lucky Cedar

Lucky CedarRecently I took care of Cedar and her kitty friend, Jasmine. Cedar is a special-needs dog because she has a seizure disorder. She is on medication, which keeps her under pretty good control, but she did have a seizure a few days before I took care of her.

With a special-needs pet, it is extremely important to meet with the pet parents in their own environment and go over the pet’s routine and anything that might cause a problem. For Cedar, I had to be sure to use non-metal leashes and make sure not to let my keys hit each other, because those noises can cause her to have a seizure. She also has to be kept away from retractable cords. In addition to her seizure disorder, Cedar has a heart murmur so I had to monitor her exercise closely.

I’m happy to report that everything went very well with both pets. Using her non-metallic leash, I took Cedar on three walks a day, which she loved. She took her meds every morning with no problem and had a good appetite. And every night she snuggled in bed with me. When I left in the morning, I hid treats throughout the living room so she had something fun to do until I got back in the evening.

Cedar is a lucky rescue dog thanks to her very special pet parents who were not afraid to take on a special-needs dog.  I’m glad I was able to help out in a small way so they could have a nice vacation.

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