Loyal Dog Spends 23 Days by Owner’s Body

Bebe the Maltese braves the wilderness to stay by her owner's side.

Tear jerker alert: this story is sad, but incredibly sweet, showing the amazing devotion of man’s best friend.

Jimmy Wilkerson was 80 years old – his best friend was his Maltese, Bebe. According to family the two did everything together, so it is no surprise that Bebe was with the Wilkerson even after he passed.

Wilkerson and Bebe had been missing for nearly a month after going on a drive together one afternoon in May. Search and rescue teams canvassed the area, but found no sign of the pair. Wilkerson’s daughter told news outlets that her father enjoyed taking his dog on a drive every afternoon, but was never gone for more than a couple of hours at a time.

According to USA Today, the people who lease the property Wilkerson had driven on to, spotted the abandoned truck while on four-wheelers and called police on Monday, 23 days after the pair had gone missing. With the help of dogs and deputies on horseback, they found Wilkerson and Bebe a quarter mile from the truck.

“It looks like he got lost driving down Strickland Street…and then got stuck out there and couldn’t turn around,” Douglas County Sheriff’s Captain Bruce Ferguson told USA Today. “He tried walking out but just couldn’t make it.”

Wilkerson and Bebe- photo from the Wilkerson Family


Bebe was found hiding nearby in some brush. The little dog has wounds including broken ribs and bite marks that veterinarians believe were caused by a coyote attack. She is currently in veterinary care, recovering from the ordeal and her condition is not yet stable.

“I love that dog,” Meta Smith, Wilkerson’s daughter says in the USA Today interview. “We’re going to take care of BeBe, like he took care of my father.”

 Bebe is clearly a brave and very special little dog, we hope that she recovers quickly. Our hearts go out to the Wilkerson family and Bebe for their loss.

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