Love That Mug

No longer used for baiting bulls, the Bulldog just wants to love, eat, and sleep.

See you in the funny pages.   
At first glance, that seems the most natural home for the Bulldog, who looks for all the world like a slightly tipsy committee of cartoonists designed him.

There’s the solid, wide body, with all the finesse of a bowling ball. The smushed-in face (to impress at cocktail parties, you want to use the correct term brachycephalic). The undershot jaw protruding in a perpetual pout. And the rolling gait that hints at Charlie Chaplin by way of the Buddha.

At once exaggerated and grand, ferocious-looking and affable, the Bulldog is a man-made meld of contradictions, culminating in a breed that grabs attention the way a cabbie grabs his tip.

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