Love Parrots? Get A World Parrot Trust Calendar!

All proceeds will go to parrot conservation.

World Parrot Trust Calendar 

Do you have a 2016 calendar yet? You might want to get the World Parrot Trust Parrot Calendar then. Not only will you get photographs of some awesome parrots (along with information on said parrots), you?l also help parrots too! Proceeds from the calendars will go to parrot conservation efforts.

So what parrots will you see in this calendar? According to the World Parrot Trust, you?l see:

  • Grey-breasted Parakeet
  • Blue-and-yellow Macaw (or blue-and-gold macaw)
  • Budgerigar
  • Kaka
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Brown-hooded Parrot
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Kakapo
  • Blue-winged Macaw
  • Port Lincoln Parrot
  • Major Mitchell? Cockatoo
  • Purple-crowned Lorikeet

So what is the World Parrot Trust? Our late magazine, BIRD TALK, did an interview with Steve Milpacher, director of business development for the World Parrot Trust. He said: 

“The World Parrot Trust (WPT) is a vibrant global organization devoted to helping parrots survive in the wild and thrive in our homes. Simply put, we protect parrots.

The World Parrot Trust has helped parrot conservation for more than 20 years. For wild parrots, the WPT moves quickly to aid urgent initiatives and support long-term projects to save these wonderful birds. Wherever possible, we work with key stakeholders to bring about meaningful and permanent change. Our work includes field research and conservation programs, protecting and restoring habitat, advocating for legislative change, conducting education and awareness programs, and encouraging ecotourism.

We strongly advocate for eliminating the trade in wild-caught parrots to end a destructive and unsustainable practice affecting tens of thousands of birds each year. We do this with international campaigning and by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild parrots caught in the trade.?lt;/span>

To find out more about the calendar, visit the World Parrot Trust website here.

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