Louisville Enacts Big Changes to Animal Ordinance

Rules are now much stricter regarding unaltered dogs.

Louisville, Ky., Mayor Jerry Abramson has signed into law major changes to the city’s animal control ordinance that could strongly affect fanciers and breeders, as well as any owner of an unaltered dog or cat.

The provisions, signed by the mayor on Jan. 4, were approved by the Louisville City Council by a 16-8 vote Dec. 19. The ordinance contains a pet limit, restrictions on the keeping of intact animals and licensing of in-home kennels, among other provisions.

The provisions in the ordinance go into effect immediately. Among them:

  • Breeders who maintain more than one unaltered pet must purchase a $300 animal dealer license as well as a $150 Class A kennel license to sell a litter of dogs. The required licenses allow Louisville Metro Animal Services to inspect the breeder’s premises at any reasonable time.
  • An unaltered animal license will now cost $35 per animal, compared with $9 for a spayed or neutered pet. Residents with more than four unaltered pets are allowed to apply for a $28 (plus $6 for each pet over four) multiple pet license.
  • When an unaltered animal is away from the primary residence for more than three days the owner must notify Animal Services in writing.
  • Intact animals are required to be microchipped and their enclosure must be approved by the Animal Services director in writing.
  • Restraining unaltered dogs using an invisible fence is prohibited.
  • A female in heat is prohibited from having contact with another animal except for a planned breeding.
  • The measure also limits the number of dogs residents may own as follows; three dogs for parcels less than a half acre, and seven dogs when the parcel is between half an acre and two acres.

The Louisville Metro Council decided to draft the ordinance last year after dog attacks in which two people were killed. A pdf file of the complete 91-page ordinance can be read here: http://www.louisvilleky.gov/NR/rdonlyres/843BE4ED-2358-4DA0-B15D-991AA204D042/0/ORD2332006.pdf

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