Lost Toy Rabbit Enjoys Hotel While Awaiting Owner

Staff at the Adare Manor Hotel used social media in the best possible way to reunite a young girl with her lost stuffed rabbit, and also gave the toy a taste of the high life.

stuffed rabbit sitting on chair
Via Adare Manor Hotel/Facebook 
The original Facebook post declared that the rabbit had lost his owner after breakfast at the Adare Manor Hotel.

Everyone wants to start a new year off right, whether it’s by making resolutions, having fun, pursuing interests — the start of a new year is a time of hope and promise. So imagine finding yourself lost only two days into the year. Ugh. 

Being lost is what happened to a little stuffed bunny toy in Ireland. Luckily, this toy got lost in what turned out to be the best place possible. OK, the bunny is a toy, so whether or not it has hopes and dreams is debatable, but the staff at the amazing Adare Manor Hotel decided to help this little bunny find its way home using social media. Fans of pet rabbits and toy rabbits alike surely must have rejoiced at seeing the drama unfold. 

Claire in Concierge is helping me find my family, having fun at Adare Manor ??

Posted by Adare Manor Hotel on Sunday, January 3, 2016

When the lost bunny was discovered, Adare Manor posted a photo on Facebook of the toy on a chair stating that its owner was lost. More posts then followed as the staff documented the rabbit enjoying many of the hotel’s amenities during the next several hours. After six photos and sometime past afternoon tea, a photo was posted stating that the owner, a young girl, had been found and would be back the next day. This, of course, left the rabbit to enjoy further fun at the Manor.

Getting used to this, afternoon tea at Adare Manor ??

Posted by Adare Manor Hotel on Sunday, January 3, 2016

What did the young owner think of all this?

“They were so delighted,” Sarah Ormston of Adare Manor told ABC News. “Her mom said Kate was sad being away from her bunny because she sleeps with it every night, but when she saw how much fun the bunny was having she couldn’t wait to see him again.”

Yippee.. I am going home. My owners have been found, I get to stay another night in Adare Manor and then home for a…

Posted by Adare Manor Hotel on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Most lost items are relegated to a lost and found area where things may or may not ever be retrieved. This lucky bunny not only got found quickly, it enjoyed royal treatment! The complete adventure consisted of 11 photos, and it captured the attention of many more people than the rabbit’s owners.

Just enough time for a massage from lovely Kate in the treatment rooms before I go home. It’s been a wonderful holiday but I can’t wait to see my owners again!

Posted by Adare Manor Hotel on Monday, January 4, 2016

Reunited at last … yippee! I got lots of lovely hugs from my pretty owner Kate and now we’re heading home for our next adventure. Thanks everyone for following my amazing trip at Adare Manor!

Posted by Adare Manor Hotel on Monday, January 4, 2016

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