Lost Texas Dog Turns Up In Atlanta… Five Months After Going Missing

How Coco got from here to there is unclear, but a microchip implant helped in her being found.

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Amanda Benton flew from Texas to Atlanta to reunite with her dog, Coco, who went missing last fall. Via Amanda Benton/Facebook

When Amanda Benton and John Sipes’ 5-pound Chihuahua went missing last September, the couple prayed and hoped they’d see her again.

And they did — but it wasn’t until five months later and some 800 miles away from their Arlington, Texas, home that Coco turned up safe and sound, CBS 11 News reports.

“We looked all over the neighborhood for Coco,” Benton told the Dallas/Fort Worth-area CBS affiliate. “We put up flyers, went up and down the streets, posted messages on Facebook, called the veterinarian, called the animal shelters.”

“We almost started giving up a little bit of hope,” Spies added.

The many faces of Coco, which appeared on missing flyers, but to no avail. Via Facebook

The many faces of Coco, which appeared on missing flyers, but to no avail. ViaAmanda Benton/Facebook

Coco’s journey may never be known, but Benton and Sipes never gave up looking for the petite pup, who reportedly slipped away from home when the two were moving furniture and boxes out of their home. They say there was no word about Coco’s whereabouts until last week when the humane society in Atlanta, Georgia, called. One of its volunteers had found their Chihuahua — and the dog’s microchip implant confirmed it.

“I was just in tears crying I was so happy,” Benton told the news station.

The next day, the Atlanta Humane Society paid for Benton’s flight to Georgia where she was happily reunited with her pup.

Reunited and it feels so good! Via CBSDFW Channel 11

Reunited and it feels so good! Via CBS 11 News

When Sipes spoke with CBS 11 News, he reflected that most would not expect to find their dog after so much time and nearly 1,000 miles away. However, Benton was able to answer:

“But we did. Thank God.”

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