Lost Kitten Rescued by Monks to Become Temple Cat

Buddhist monks will adopt the kitten they heard meowing in their temple walls during meditation.

When Monks meditating in a Buddhist temple in Chiayi, Taiwan, heard a faint mewing coming from the walls during their time of quiet, they had no idea what to expect. Assembling together to investigate, they quickly uncovered a wayward kitten, not yet of weaning age, trapped within the walls.

Likely abandoned by his mother after becoming lost in the temple walls, the kitten was in need of motherly care – and fast. Retrieving him from the walls, the Monks contacted the SPCA for assistance – and they were only too happy to provide it.

Now in the hands of professionals, the kitten is thriving, but will not be placed up for adoption once he is fully weaned, as he is already spoken for. That’s right, the Monks fell hard for the furry guy, and have requested that he be returned to them once he is eating solid food, to spend his days with the Monks as a Temple Cat.

How’s that for an awesome welcoming?

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